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The film about the company


The mission of VPK-Oil is to produce and sell petrochemicals and services of a high quality. The company also develops new markets alongside with already existing ones.

The company’s social mission is to produce in the most effective and safe way, promote the development of the territories, the welfare of the population and improvement of the employees’ living standards.

720 000
tons of oil per year
96% —
the depth
of oil
the first
and the only
in the Novosibirsk


  • Stable Natural
  • Fuel Oil
  • High-boiling Distillate
    of natural-gas condensate
  • Oil Tar
  • Heavy Distillate
    of natural-gas condensate
  • Bitumen petroleum
    viscous for road

Stable Natural Gasoline. It is obtained by distillation of oil or gas condensate from shelf and continental deposits or their mixtures. The product is used in the processes of petrochemical production of ethylene, propylene, butadiene and as a feedstock of catalytic reforming.

Fuel Oil. It is intended for use as a fuel for stationary boiler and processing plants, and also as a raw material for secondary recycling processes.

High-boiling Distillate of natural-gas condensate. It is intended for use in the ship power plants. Depending on sulfur content, there are two types of high-boiling distillate of natural-gas condensate: type I (with sulfur content of not more than 1%) and type II (with a sulfur content of not more than 1.5%).

Oil Tar. It is the reminder of atmospheric vacuum distillation of oil. It is intended for use as a raw material for bitumen production units.

Heavy Distillate of natural-gas condensate. It is intended for use as raw materials in the processes of secondary recycling. A low-toxic liquid, according to the degree of exposure to the human body, belongs to the 4th class of danger.

Bitumen petroleum viscous for road building. It is intended for use as a cementitious material for the construction and repairing of road surfaces and foundations, as well as a basis for the production of modified bitumen and bitumen emulsions.


VPK-Oil delivers products for enterprises of the Omsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo and Altai regions. The Company has its’ consumers in Vladivostok and St. Petersburg. A number of foreign customers are in Finland and Italy. The Novosibirsk region is the priority consumer of the Company's products. The Company's consumers are regular and stable partners.


The concept of sustainable development of the company is built on the principle of saving the environment for future generations. VPK-Oil is aware of the nature of the technogenic impact of its activities on the environment and ecological risks. The company is improving training modules in the field of environmental protection and takes part in projects to prevent climatic changes and preserve biological diversity.
The company implements a set of measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment. These measures include environmental monitoring, reduction of polluting emissions, rational use and purification of wastewater, utilization, recycling, and enhance of energy efficiency. The company monitors industrial and fire safety.

The customer is OOO "VPK-OYL"

In addition to posted on the website of information about products, LLC "VPK-OYL" informs that Kochenevsky refinery produces such petroleum products as diesel fuel, and gasoline.


In recent years, cases of forgery of quality certificates, as well as posting on the Internet false information about the range of products manufactured Kochenevsky refinery.


In order to avoid damage, we ask our customers to be vigilant and in case of any suspicion or questions contact us by phone
+ 7 (383) 264-42-97.